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With the recent development of software and new technologies, applications have been developed that uc web the need for professional certifications to perform certain tasks like editing, website building, designing. Animation is also a form of art that doesn’t require a person to have expert knowledge on it rather some applications guide you through the use of easy tools to produce videos.

Vidmate is one such kind of app that provides the ability to use professional tools to animate and modify videos to create unique original content that you can upload or share with your friends.

 It is the world’s first Motion design app that can be used professionally for smartphones as well as tablets. One can exclusively create special visual effects according to their imagination by adding graphics, video clips, and audio recordings.

 You can download this app through 9Apps with the minimum requirement of 1.5GB RAM for it to be installed and operating fully on your device.


·  Color adjustment: captures the mood of a particular video by adding various color effects that will catch the attention of any viewer.

·  Media Types: Vidmate supports the use of multi-layer graphics, videos and other types of media to add to your project. The apps library provides basic shapes and other illustrations that can be added.

·  Animation: by animating in keyframes this app displays ease in animation by easy maneuvering.

·  Blending: Solid, gradient fills in addition to the border and shadow effects are used frequently with the blending mode that modifies the transparency of the image.

·  Vector Graphics: with the operation of vectors and bitmap support it enables in enhancing your video by introducing a dimensional effect to it.

·  Fonts: customize your writing by including it in your animation with the 2000 different fonts provided by the app. You can also import your favorite font is not available to use.

·  Picture size: edit the ratio of the clip with the option of expanding it to the whole screen or the size a square is customizable by the user.

·  Editing tools: such as grouping and masking come in handy when editing the video.

·  Devices: This app can be operated on various platforms like Android, iPhone, iPad devices.

·  Future projects: one can create multiple projects and also reuse previously created effects for new projects created.

There is no requirement of professional equipment when you want to animate or edit videos with this application present. Rather than avail of more expert tools, you can opt for the membership option and instantly gain access to a library full of premium features.

By applying for these premium offers you must first purchase the subscription membership and remember to continuously renew it to maintain the updating of new effects that might appear.

By the presence of all these amazing features, this app is a pleasure to work with and producing outstanding results that can rival even professionally done animation. One can download this well-rounded app from 9Apps for free and create fascinating content. 


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